Inspired by #YoCorroEnCasa Challenge created in Europe by Albert Jorquera, Jordi Saragossa, Maria Faine, Kilian Jornet, Tófol Castanyer and Pau Capell, we decided to bring the initiative to America, being one of the continents more affected when speaking about COVID-19 virus prevention.

#MoveAtHome Challenge is a virtual event which will be held on April 11th wherever you are, during a time gap we will announce soon, and in which many invited athletes are taking part to keep us all motivated.

Goal is that everyone can be part of #MoveAtHome Challenge, you can join us running, cycling, or doing any other activity that can add hours to the final count.

To acquiare your bib number from the event, you must fill up the registration form by clicking here, having completed previously your donation to one of the entities we suggest per country (you can see them below this text), or to any entity you believe it might need it on this harsh times.


  • #MoveAtHome Challenge is open to anyone.
  • You can participate by adding hours either running, cycling or doing any other activity (workout, dancing, etc.). You can detail your hours commitment on the registration form, and also your chosen activity.
  • Each participant will donate in the currency of your residence country, and you'll be able to do it on any of the institutions we suggest (that we know they're on lack of budget), or you can do it to other institution you consider necessary.
  • There's not a minimum ammount to donate. Everything you can do, is a great help!
  • To obtain your bib number, you must complete this form and also attach the donation pledge.
  • You can use your bib number or not to do the activity. We encourage you to use it so you can upload them to your social media with the hashtag #MoveAtHome and tagging @SpartanTrail, and get more people join us to the activity.
  • Once you complete the form, you will be able to download a blank bib number, and you'll be able to see your name and assigned number on the following link once we check all the details are complete.
  • During the #MoveAtHome Challenge day, you'll be able to follow us via streaming on a live stream of almost 12 hours. You can tag us on your activity, send us your video or share with the hasthag #MoveAtHome.





Patagonia Run


Neisa Condemaita


Valmir Lana Jr.


Mauricio Quintanilla


Fuerza Natural Colombia

Costa Rica

La Ruta Trail
Florencia Urbina


Gustavo Cevallos Fuenzalida


Diego Casabonne


Lali Moratorio


Sofi Cantilo

Pau Capell
Luis Escobar
Azara Garcia de los Salmones
Joe Gray
Camille Herron
Fran Ibar
Dean Karnazes
Bailey Kowalczyk
Ian Morgan
Mike Wardian
TMX S.R.L. brings to your attention entities that help the community and that suffer material needs for the development of their activity. If you wish to help them and donate in favor of one or more of these entities, you can do so directly to their respective banking accounts, which we hereby inform. TMX S.R.L.  does not receive any amount from the donors in TMX S.R.L.’s banking account or in any other way, nor manage any fund related to the donations that are made. We are simply a way to promote solidarity, provide help to those in need, and report banking accounts belonging to such needy entities, with whom we have no economic or commercial agreement of any kind.